Homeownership still considered best long-term investment: Pew

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Despite the decline in home prices, 81 percent of U.S. adults believe buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make, according to a national survey by the pew research center. home ownership topped the list of long-term financial goals for Americans, according to the study.

 · However, the vast majority agree that buying a home is still the best investment (see chart). Another survey finding suggests homeownership is high on the list of financial goals for many Americans. Homeownership and “being able to live comfortably in retirement” were rated the highest of four financial goals; with 80% of respondents reporting that those goals are extremely or very important.

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Warren Buffett knows best when it comes to. A Wrench in My Own Plans I personally still believe in the American dream of homeownership, and like Warren Buffet I believe that you buy real estate as.

The chart below from the US Census Bureau depicts the recent home ownership trend. The trend is still. long-term buy, even in the case of a new recession. NOTE: Some of the fundamental fiscal data.

Homeownership still considered best long-term investment: Pew “They are generally optimistic about homeownership and. rates near historic lows and prices in many markets still well off their highs, a home remains one of the best long-term investments people. mgic.

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 · A recent Pew poll that phoned over 2,000 Americans last month revealed that Americans still have faith in real estate, with 80% of respondents indicating that they believe a home is the best.

home is the best long-term investment in the United States.. market, I still believe that buying a home was a good investment;” a strong 86. And the Pew. Consider the homeownership rate changes since 1994, controlling for age and .

Still" delves into homeowners’ current belief in homeownership as a long term investment: Homeowners whose home value has fallen only a little are equally enthusiastic about housing as a long-term investment: 85% say buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make.