Bear Stearns Makes $1 Billion Bet on Continued Subprime Woes

Bear Stearns Makes $1 Billion Bet on Continued Subprime Woes. Mortgage Lenders News. ContentsJapan ($610.9 billion)Diamond exchange (ide)bear stearns liquidity crisis caseFixing california housing crisis. facebookForced liquidations as a result of that "price discovery" were a primary factor in.

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Latest on the Bear Stearns Subprime hedge fund fallout.. developments continue apace. Tellingly, Bear Stearns has apparently assumed responsibility for more of the hedge fund’s liabilities. Merrill was able to sell only $100 million of the $850 million it seized from the funds, which is not a good sign for the prospects for a forced sale.

Bear Stearns, bitten badly by the housing crash, is short more than $1 billion on subprime mortgage securities — a big bet by the investment bank that the woes that have driven. the end of.

to an insurance policy. Speculators could buy CDSs to bet against CDOs they did not own. Numerous CDOs were backed by subprime mortgages. Goldman-Sachs sold more than $3 billion worth of CDOs in the first half of 2006. Goldman also bet against the low-value CDOs, telling investors they were high-quality. The three biggest ratings agencies.

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A similar hedging attempt by two Bear Stearns Cos. funds that invested in securities linked to subprime mortgages. of derivatives makes the banks black boxes that investors can’t decipher, said.

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Analyst on Apple  Short Term Bear, Long Term Bull In an ongoing lawsuit, the FDIC is accusing former Washington. Bank of America Home Loans does not make subprime mortgage. Other companies, such as Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and. Citigroup just agreed to pay a $285 million fine to the SEC for betting against one of its mortgage-related.

Bear Stearns. Hedge fund losses. Two funds, which once controlled $10 billion, had invested in subprime-mortgage debt; a third had practically no exposure to subprime mortgages but had suffered from a series of refund requests and markdowns on a range of mortgages. The Enhanced Leverage Fund quickly went belly up.

 · Bear Stearns spokesman Russell Sherman says the firm took precautions against a market downfall, but the decline in mortgage-backed securities was unprecedented.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said on Sunday that talks about how to rescue Bear had continued. on Bear Stearns’ mortgage portfolio, worth an estimated $33 billion as of the end of February..