What a Trump administration means for real estate

 · Both effects mean short term win for borrowers, and we’ll likely see an increase in mortgage refinancing if rates continue to plummet.” HousingWire said, “Other experts, such as the Mortgage Bankers Association, congratulated Trump on his victory, but also outlined what the industry needs to see going forward.

 · Real estate has been in a long-term funk throughout the Obama administration because his policies have strangled the growth of the middle class. Oh, everyone will jump on me that the stock market is up, but that is concentrated in the 1%.

What Trump’s Tax Bill Means for Real Estate November 17, 2017 The following article from inman.com is a very thorough summary of what the proposed tax law changes are that will affect real estate.

What Trump’s win means for Southern California home prices Mortgage rates have risen to their highest levels since the summer of 2015 and appear to be headed farther up as investors flee from.

Al Green introduces articles of impeachment against Trump. Trump thanks GOP and attacks Pelosi in late night tweets after House rebuke.