Fight over eminent domain continues unabated

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Lower Merion responds to property owners in Villanova eminent domain fight Legal battle over County Line road property continues. By Richard Ilgenfritz

The debate continues over plans by some California municipalities to use eminent domain to take title to underwater mortgages secured by real property within their jurisdictions and to pay the mortgage holders “fair market value” as the just compensation required by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Major challenge with power of eminent domain when trying to set pricing Salem-Keizer schools, St. Edward go to court, fight continues over parish land. The battle for land owned by St. edward catholic church continued between parish and Salem-Keizer Public School attorneys in a hearing Wednesday.

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Our fight against the abuse of eminent domain, however, was far from over. Kelo v. New London quickly became one of the most reviled supreme court decisions and sparked a national firestorm. Since that decision, 44 states have reformed their eminent domain laws.

In November, the company sent the city a notice to vacate the property and started eviction proceedings, which the city is fighting in court – a. Quincy has taken the same land through eminent.

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 · Fight Over Oil & Gas Eminent Domain Bill Ongoing. – Oil and gas companies in Colorado are using a familiar tactic – eminent domain – to.

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NORFOLK A jury delivered Norva Plastics a big victory Wednesday, awarding the 70-year-old company a multimillion-dollar payout and delivering yet another blow to city leaders in the ongoing fight over