RealtyTrac: Foreclosure activity picked up in 120 metros

Treasury doesn’t want former Fannie CFO in GSE investor lawsuit Mortgage industry fares well in fiscal cliff deal, debt forgiveness law survives Many credit the Mortgage forgiveness debt relief act for much of the housing industry’s recovery in The Act was enacted to remove from a tax payer’s income, debt that was forgiven in the foreclose or Unless a deal is reached, the forgiveness of that debt will again be counted as income and.A loan in foreclosure: 492 days – and growing About 4.31 percent of the FHA-insured loans made in the two years ending Dec. 31 were at least 90 days late, according to the most recent. In addition, the amount of money people can borrow with. · Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae’s CEO for most of the six years that the company cooked its books to the tune of $10.6 billion, previously had been clinton white house budget director. Raines pulled in $52.8 million in bonuses during his 1999-2004 stay at the company, a fact not unrelated to the suspect accounting.

The Daily Tearsheet A place where economics, financial markets, and real estate intersect.. Foreclosure activity picked up in August, according to RealtyTrac. Activity picked up in the big judicial states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Between January 2011 and November 2013, institutional investors purchased more than 366,000 single-family homes, the report points out, citing research from RealtyTrac. Florida metro areas, for.

Scores between 80 and 120 represent a market that is “in range” and “stable”. National Real Estate and Economic Trends Freddie Mac’s latest MiMi reports that “economic growth picked up in the second ..

Mortgage foreclosure activity soared in the Scranton. Luzerne and Wyoming counties, according to RealtyTrac, a Los Angeles-area company that compiles foreclosure data. One in 120 dwellings in the.

Short sales are no longer being shut out of the housing market, data released Thursday show, as the number of these sales jumped on annual basis.. Pre-foreclosure sales, which are often short sales, were up 15% in the fourth quarter compared with the same period in 2010, according to Irvine, Calif.-based RealtyTrac, a company that collects and publishes foreclosure-related data on its website.

Reform opponents worry House measure guts CFPB #Brexit: Here is the immediate impact on U.S. mortgage and housing finance  · Mortgage Company: A mortgage company is a firm engaged in the business of originating and/or funding mortgages for residential or commercial property . A mortgage company.Freddie Mac and Florida foreclosure law firm part ways Freddie Mac’s bankruptcy rules are very similar to Fannie Mae’s, although Freddie documents its rules differently. If the bankruptcy filing was the result of a one-time occurrence, such as the death of a spouse, divorce or illness, the waiting period to apply for a mortgage may be reduced.More refinancing homeowners choose shorter loan terms Delays push foreclosures to 40-month low in April The number of completed foreclosures of single-family homes and condos combined went up 18 percent from April to. space-flight conditions. Six arizona state university students spent a week in June.7, 2010, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers a "short refinance opportunity" for eligible underwater homeowners. will not change your loan-to-value ratio, it can get you into a product.

both. RealtyTrac provides both foreclosure activity (or a new foreclosure) and foreclo-sure inventory. Filings and inventories are reported as numbers as well as numbers of filings per thousand households. Seasonally ad-justed filings are available. Inventories are only reported as not seasonally adjusted. The inventory data do not exhibit sea-

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Foreclosure activity across the. But foreclosures could pick up in coming months.. We drew on RealtyTrac’s report to highlight the 20 metros with the highest.

According to RealtyTrac, “The list of states with increased activity in the last months of 2014 includes those with judicial foreclosure backlogs, such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.” Such backlogs mean that in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the foreclosure process often takes three years or more.

National foreclosures. Nationally, RealtyTrac reports that third quarter foreclosures were down 16 percent year-to-year but up 0.42 percent quarter-to-quarter. Looking at just September, U.S. foreclosure activity decreased on a year-over-year basis for the 48th consecutive month.

RealtyTrac Foreclosure 101 Webinar for Real Estate Agents Foreclosure starts in February showed some pick-up in activity month-over-month, while REOs fell to their lowest level since September 2007, according to ""RealtyTrac’s foreclosure market report.

Fannie Mae debuts “risk-sharing” mortgage-backed security Marketing INTERRUPT BofA moves on principal reduction promised in AG settlement The multistate AG settlement scheduled to be filed Friday released BofA of any liability under the Mackler suit. The bank said it was providing $11 billion in relief and fines with the agreement.HUD homes add to inventory-starved market Home prices fall, but inventory levels improve But inventory will increase, as sellers will realize prices are coming down. Homes will stay on the market longer, so there will be more flexibility in the price. 2019 will be a good year for.RadarLogic home prices hit lowest level since 2003 New home sales plunge – The decline in sales hit every region. The january sales pace is the lowest since February 2003, before the start of the building boom that flooded the market with new homes available for sale and.President franklin roosevelt set up fannie mae (officially called the Federal National Mortgage Association) during the Great Depression to create a secondary market for home mortgages. Urban.Father of securitization doubts easy return to private mortgage bonds Freddie Mac: Baby Boomers pushing Millennials out of housing market home prices fall, but inventory levels improve Toronto New Home Sales Fall To Lowest Level Since Great. – The once scorching hot Toronto new home market continues to cool. bild gta, a trade group representing GTA home builders, numbers show prices slipping in February. The slip wasn’t large, but combined with rising inventory and falling sales could get worse soon. Last month was the fewest sales for the month of February since the [.]New freddie mac survey finds affordability driving demand. –  · New Freddie Mac Survey Finds Affordability Driving Demand for Rental Housing .. 63 percent of young millennials ages 21-27 and Baby Boomers.