Florida governor signs bill to speed up state’s foreclosure process

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The bill makes several revisions to the show cause process. The bill provides that after filing a complaint, the plaintiff may request an order to show cause for the entry of final judgment, and the court must immediately review the request and the court file in chambers without a hearing.

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Read on to learn more about these changes affect Florida homeowners facing foreclosure. house bill 87 Changed Florida Foreclosures. In Florida, foreclosures are judicial, which means the lender must file a lawsuit in state court. The lender initiates the process by filing a complaint with the court and having it served to the borrower, along with a summons. If you lose the case, the court will enter a judgment of foreclosure and the property will be sold to satisfy the debt.

Home / 2013 / June / Florida governor signs bill to speed up state’s foreclosure process Kerri Ann Panchuk, Housing Wire Florida’s governor signed a much-discussed foreclosure bill Friday, enacting a series of provisions aimed at speeding up the default process in the state.

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