Survey shows homeownership is still the American Dream

Our survey shows that homeownership is still a goal that the vast majority of millennial renters aspire to, with 89.4 percent of respondents.

The survey found the top five criteria of the American Dream are home. Raising two daughters, Mary said the dream of owning a home has. Raymond, who is 65 and down on his luck, still believes in better days ahead.

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ship rates with those of other nations. The data show that the US homeownership rate is at the middle to lower end of the range relative to other developed countries. Homeownership and the American Dream Laurie S. Goodman is Co-director, Housing finance policy center, Urban Institute, Washington, DC.

Surveys continue to show that Americans, in large numbers, still. to say that home ownership is a key part of the American dream in general,

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Presentation: Is Homeownership Still the American Dream? William R. Emmons, assistant vice president and economist at the St. Louis Fed; senior economic adviser at the St. Louis Fed’s Center for Household Financial Stability Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A Stackhouse will moderate a panel discussion with Emmons and three St. Louis

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Signs of growing confidence are widespread, according to the national survey. on the opportunity.” Homeownership remains the central component to the American Dream, as 78 percent of respondents.

Despite all the recent problems in the housing and mortgage industries, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that owning a home is still the American dream. When asked the simple question, "Do you think that owning a home is still the American dream?," 81 percent of people who responded to MMI’s recent Homeownership Survey answered, "yes."

Millennial's and the America Dream Although tightening affordability continues to be a deterrence to homeownership, data suggests Americans still strongly consider. delay achieving that part of the American Dream,” Yun continued..

These results certainly suggest that the "American Dream" of owning a home is still very much alive, and that the real estate industry should expect a continuing demand for homeownership in the years ahead. A number of additional factors could affect the future trajectory of homeownership in the U.S.

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